Mission, vision, values and strategic focus

Our mission: What we do 

We create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities. 

Our vision: What we aspire to

We will be a preeminent, public, urban research university known for academic and research excellence, success across a diverse student body, and meaningful engagement in its urban community and around the world. 

Our values: How we work 

  • Collaboration: When we work together, drawing upon various talents and perspectives, we achieve better results. 
  • Integrity: We keep our word, live up to our commitments, and are accountable to ourselves and each other. 
  • Innovation: We are unafraid to try new things and learn by both failure and success. 
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest-quality outcomes in everything we do. 
  • Diversity and inclusion: We value all people and understand that their unique experiences, talents and perspectives make us a stronger organization and better people. 
  • Leadership: We are proud of our long history as an anchor institution in Detroit and will continue to serve our community while playing a lead role in the city's resurgence. 

Strategic focus 

Based on insight from our Board of Governors and input from internal and external stakeholders, the following were identified as strategic focus areas. 

  1. Research and Discovery: An unrelenting quest
  2. Teaching, Learning and Student Success: The heart of our university
  3. Outreach and Engagement: Our inextricable ties with our community 
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Our unwavering commitment 
  5. Financial Sustainability and Operational Excellence: The necessary foundation for our mission