Diversity, equity and inclusion: An unwavering commitment

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are integral to Wayne State's mission and vision, and codified in our values and strategic focus. Today, and throughout its rich history, Wayne State has welcomed and supported a wide diversity of students first-generation and historically marginalized students; students from diverse backgrounds, races, cultures and creeds; students with the will, if not the wherewithal, to attend college; and students from our local neighborhoods and from around the globe in achieving their academic goals and becoming active and successful citizens. DEI is a moral imperative, but it is also a strength upon which to build, as Wayne State is recognized and celebrated as Michigan's most diverse college campus. We will continue to enhance our strategic focus on building an inclusive community where every person is valued, welcomed and given opportunities to thrive.  

Our aspiration

We are proud to be Michigan's most diverse campus, but we will not be satisfied until every student feels welcomed, supported and included, and every member of our campus community shares and lives our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This requires that we ensure that the diversity of our students is mirrored in the faculty and staff who serve them. 

Goal 1: Recruit, support, retain and empower a more diverse faculty and staff. 


  • Undertake a large-scale cluster hire of faculty from diverse backgrounds whose expertise will enhance research, education and engagement in ways that address the problems and needs of our diverse, urban community.
  • Launch a future faculty program to build faculty diversity at the department/disciplinary level.
  • Build robust support structures within departments and colleges and across campus to ensure the inclusion and success of diverse faculty and staff at Wayne State.

Goal 2: Build a more inclusive curriculum for the 21st century. 


  • Broaden academic programs and class offerings that focus on intercultural and global engagement and the diverse histories, contributions and cultures of diverse peoples.  
  • Remove barriers to interdisciplinary and intercollegiate curriculum development.
  • Support a program-by-program review in order to build more inclusive curricula. 

Goal 3: Recruit, support and retain a diverse student body that better reflects and serves the greater Detroit community. 


  • Ensure a campus that is safe, welcoming and just for all members of the university and surrounding community. 
  • Enhance engagement with the city and K-12 schools to develop diverse pipelines of students prepared for success at Wayne State. 
  • Increase the enrollment of students of color at Wayne State at all levels. 
  • Expand the Office of Multicultural Student Engagement to include campus development of spaces and initiatives that support the wide diversity of races, cultures, creeds and orientations.
  • Develop a Black cultural center to support the academic, cultural and social engagement of Black students.