Key metrics and priorities

A strong strategic plan requires clear and measurable goals to track progress, measure success, or signal the need for a strategic or resource shift. Within the "Our Moment in Time" strategic plan are a number of key metrics and priorities related to our mission and vision. 

  • Become the top R1 university for social mobility.
  • Increase undergraduate, master's, professional and certificate enrollments, with an overall enrollment goal of 28,000.
  • Launch a campus-wide initiative to recruit, support and further educational attainment of people with partial college educations. 
  • Increase overall six-year graduation rate to 60%. 
  • Increase historically marginalized student six-year graduation rate to 50%.
  • Increase graduation rates for community college transfers to 60%.
  • Narrow the minority achievement gap.
  • Launch the university's next comprehensive fundraising campaign.
  • Increase endowment to $750 million.
  • Advance two to three places in rankings for overall research expenditures. 
  • Expand the Office of Multicultural Student Engagement to include campus development of spaces and initiatives that support the wide diversity of races, cultures, creeds and orientations. 
  • Develop new facilities to support leading-edge health sciences education and research.