Accelerate Mobility for Our Students

A Wayne State degree creates generational change, altering the life trajectory of our students and spawning a legacy of future impact and benefit. With 70 to 80% of tomorrow’s jobs requiring college-level competencies, it’s imperative that we do all we can to make college accessible and affordable so that more can gain the needed skills to succeed in the 21st century knowledge-based economy. That’s why we are committed to providing each student who is welcomed to our campus access to the knowledge and preparation that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Wayne State has always opened its doors for students who are underserved or marginalized through programs that enable access and knock down financial barriers, such as the Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge, the Wayne State Guarantee and other robust financial aid offerings. Accelerating mobility means expanding these programs so that our doors can open even wider to serve even more.

From the start, students gain an outstanding academic education from top-tier, Carnegie R1 faculty who are on the cutting edge of scholarly discovery and use innovative, engaging methods in their teaching that connect to Detroit’s rich resources. Through our College to Career initiative, Wayne State students put classroom knowledge “to work” in real-world settings and prepare for the rigors and challenges of their future careers. These applied “learning by doing” experiences include internships, job shadows and mentorship with partners throughout the region, as well as opportunities to conduct, publish, and present research in journals and at symposia; clinical experiences in local hospitals and health care centers; performance experiences in Detroit’s vibrant cultural district or studying abroad; and more. Our goal is to provide every one of our students important hands-on opportunities that allow them to encounter the world, learn by doing, gain deeper insights and new perspectives, and prepare for prosperous careers.

Successfully earning a Wayne State degree takes students to a different place than where they started and ignites a legacy of future impact for generations. Our agenda to accelerate mobility for our students is more than just words – we are known already for putting this commitment into action. Wayne State is ranked in the top tier of U.S. higher education institutions by Third Way, a nonprofit public policy think tank, the only Michigan top-tier research university to make their list. Our graduates are proof that a college degree is transformative, helps individuals prosper and makes our communities thrive.

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