Strategic initiatives

President Wilson has a bold plan for the future success of Wayne State University, which can be seen in the 2022-27 strategic plan, "Our Moment in Time." The plan builds upon successes and lessons learned from the previous five-year strategic plan. In 2019, the university also unveiled a campus master plan called The Wayne Framework, detailing the long-term vision for the future of Wayne State's physical environment.

Since assuming leadership at Wayne State, President Wilson has realigned the university's numerous research divisions to emphasize team science and cluster hiring of scientists. This effort was reflected in the Integrative Biosciences Center, a $90 million multidisciplinary research facility that opened in 2015. He also developed a strategy to improve the pipeline of underrepresented students trained in the biomedical sciences. As part of this strategy, he formed a coalition of Detroit-based universities and colleges to launch the NIH-funded Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) initiative at the university in 2015. Additionally, he launched Wayne Med-Direct — a program that guarantees Wayne State University School of Medicine admission to exceptionally talented high school students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds — to help develop the next generation of physician leaders.