A message from President M. Roy Wilson

Dear Wayne State community members,

Earlier today, I was sworn in as Wayne State University's 12th president.

This is a great honor, and I am eager to join this vibrant community of learning. I am grateful to the Board of Governors for placing their confidence in me, and I am grateful to many of you for the kind welcome you extended and the warm wishes you shared.

In addition to being a great honor, the presidency of Wayne State is a great responsibility. I will be very busy for some time getting to know you and the university. There is much to learn, but there is also much we know already about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We'll have plenty of time to dig into the details together, and I look forward to working with all of you to map out a future of success. In the meantime, let's keep in mind some important things that sometimes get lost in the press of our day-to-day responsibilities.

First, this is a great university. We have been around for nearly 150 years and have grown to be an urban research powerhouse that stands for excellence in teaching and the discovery of knowledge. We didn't arrive here by accident. This university was built on the work of many who came before us who were likewise committed to opportunity and excellence. It is our turn now, and we must build upon this legacy for the good of our students, our community, and our world.

Second, we change lives. We do so in the classrooms, in the clinics, in the labs, on the playing fields, and in ways we may not even realize. This is both a wonderful opportunity and a solemn responsibility. Every interaction we have - with students, members of the community, friends, and each other - is an opportunity to make a positive difference. This is the reason many of us chose higher education for a career; let's not forget it as we go through our day.

Finally, we all have a role to play in moving Wayne State forward - both individually and together. Let us together build on the strengths of our culture - our drive for excellence, our collaborative character, our willingness to serve others and the greater good. Let us draw on our optimism as we look toward the future and prepare to welcome our new students to campus. And let us ask ourselves what we can do to make a better Wayne State University.

Thank you all.

M. Roy Wilson

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